Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Vote is Rocked - How About Yours?

Took me 35 minutes total including an (average) 12-minute walk in each direction. The State Board of Elections office is six blocks from where I work, seven blocks from where I park. And let me tell ya, the BOE has got one tight operation going on there. Or maybe "smooth" is a better word. They had a guy out front to give you directions, and whatever other assistance you might need. He even had someone's dog he was watching for her when I came out. No, I'm not kidding.

Inside, it couldn't have been easier. I didn't even have to show the voter registration card I kept trying to show them or the freshly minted driver's license I got two days ago just so I wouldn't get hassled over having an unreadable ID. That was a little bit confusing, but in a good way. They printed out a signature form, gave me a ballot and I studiously copied my carefully researched sample ballot -- which took longer than everything else combined.

When they handed me my ballot, they gave me a verbal and printed notice that voting a straight party ticket did not include the presidential race, so even if I voted a straight party, I still needed to fill in the race for President. (Not that I needed this information since I've never voted straight party in my life).

This couldn't have been much easier. At least not unless I could beam in my vote by telepathy.

So go vote now. It'll make you feel big and strong.

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Dianne said...

It will make you feel big and strong!! Kudos!!

I'm so glad they explained the straight party ticket thing - many people are concerned about that.

I did my sample ballot and I'm poised for action on 11/4.

I'm doing three trips to the polls. One for me plus some of my VFW buddies who don't drive anymore.
Then a second VFW dudes run.
And then a few of the workers at the car wash. Would you beleive they don't have a way of getting to the polls during their absurdly long work day so I am taking them.

At a car wash without a car ... Oy!

Kay said...

Good for you!

I mailed mine in on Monday after spending a good part of the weekend researching :)

Daryl said...

Cant rock it til the 4th ... but I will be up and out and voting before 6:30 ... its my ritual ... PJs under a coat, coffee in hand .. walking 3 blocks to the polls and VOTE!!!!!!!!!


Passion said...

Voting on the 4th. No doubt about it. Nice post!