Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Room Service, ABPD Style

Apparently this wasn't a big news item unless you were there, and even if you were there it didn't make a big impact unless you happened to be on the 9th floor. If it hadn't been for law enforcement from four different agencies swarming all over the hotel grounds, I might not have even noticed. And honestly? I thought the hotel had a law enforcement conference going on as well as ours and that was why all the cops were hanging around.

I guess in the off season the things that happen out on the island don't make big headlines. This clip is from the local ABC affiliate WCTI-12. Read it and you'll know everything I do.

Hotel Hostage Situation
Carteret - 10/21/2008
After nearly eight hours, police peacefully ended a hostage situation at the Sheraton Hotel at Atlantic Beach.

Around 11:30 Monday night, a woman called 911 to report a domestic dispute between her and her husband, Rick Dotson. When police arrived, they quickly got the woman out of the room, but Dotson barricaded himself inside with a gun.

Authorities evacuated the entire ninth floor of the hotel, while a negotiator talked with the man. Once out of the room, Dotson was taken to the hospital.

Charges are pending.
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Passion said...

Oh, this was very serious! Sometimes not knowing something like this is going on is a blessing. I'm happy you are okay. :-)
Have a safe trip back.

Carmi said...

I'm glad you're OK, but I'm still freaked out for your safety. Let us know when you're home safe and sound, all right?

The new Thematic Photographic theme, happy, ought to bring you a smile!

Mojo said...

No worries my friends... I was back home this afternoon none the worse for wear -- other than being very tired.

And apparently the whole situation was resolved peacefully -- nobody got hurt. Always good when things turn out that way.

Doctor Err said...

for whatever reason i find myself plunked in the middle of this kind of shit fairly regularly (ok. not regularly if you're like, jack bauer... but regularly for a teacher who generally stays out of trouble).
its annoying.

tiff said...

Hostage situation? How exciting!

If you're 100 miles away. Good to know all ended well.