Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sepia Scenes #7: Moore Square - Downtown Live

"Cafe Luna"
Raleigh, NC - August 2008 (Click to embiggen)

Sepia Scenes - Brought to you by Mary the Teach

"CAT and Cafe"
Raleigh, NC - August 2008 (Click to embiggen)

Sepia Scenes - Brought to you by Mary the Teach

I've featured this party a few times in these pages, but it's worth another look. This is directly across Blount Street from Moore Square Park in Downtown Raleigh. Moore Square is one of three green spaces downtown that I know about. Nash Square and Capitol Square are the other two -- though a case could be argued against Capitol Square actually being considered "green space" since the old State Capitol Building sits right in the middle of it.

I digress.

Every other Saturday during the summer, Moore Square is the site of a free concert series known as "Downtown Live". The acts vary, but are primarily aimed at the college-aged crowd, which makes no sense really since NCSU and the other colleges in town are out of session except for summer school. The bands usually ramp up at about 2 PM and play until around 11 (when local noise ordinances say it's time to quiet things down). Best of all? There's no charge for admission (though the concessions on the grounds are typically outrageous enough to make up for it).

This was the final show of the season and featured Saving Abel, Eve 6 and Puddle of Mudd as the headliners, plus an equal number of lesser known acts during the afternoon. But on this night the lineup probably didn't matter since the students had just come back to school at NC State (only a few blocks west of the Square). Take roughly 15,000 new and returning college students, add 9 hours of free live music, sprinkle liberally with plentiful malt beverages, bake in the late august sun for several hours and what do you get? Human Crush, that's what.

The venue and/or sponsors don't allow fancy schmancy cameras with interchangeable lenses (like mine) inside the park for these events. And while yeah, I probably could've gotten it past the security gate, I decided I really didn't need the hassle. But outside the perimeter was fair game.

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Mariposa said...

I always love sepia!

My WW is up...and it's something I'm quite proud of! LOL

Happy WW!

Rose said...

Very nice shots...I love night time shots of about anything.

Shinade said...

Mojo it's wonderful as always and it looks so fun!! I love the tones and the way the lights shine through.

You did it again. and thanks for all of your tips here and there. I used some of them this week while taking some shots and they helped!!:-)

dot said...

Sounds like a fun event and your photos look great.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The bustling streets are interesting in sepia (probably would be good in b&w too) because it eliminates the confusion colour sometimes creates. Good choice!

Gmj said...

I like the way the light makes it look foggy,not blurry, but like London fog. :D

Kahshe Cottager said...

Doesn't this look like it is years and years old? I love how these scenes look in sepia!

Rambling Woods said...

I have to try the sepia now that I have actually opened the PS Elements that I bought. Your live music is similar to what we have in downtown Buffalo NY called. 'Thursday's In The Park" during the summer. The nice thing is that it isn't geared toward collage kids, but plays jazz or oldies and being an oldie myself, I like that. Thank you for your kind comments on my WW post. I am lucky to have moved here with the pond right outside the door...

New Rambling Woods Site

Carletta said...

Certainly looks like one happening place on party night.
I like the old fashioned looking lamp posts. It's like blending the old and new. The sepia furthers that along.
Very nice.

Annie said...

This is so cool. The lively excitement just jumps off the page.

Nita said...

Nice one. My entry is up as well. Have a great day!


Robin said...

I like the glow of the streetlights. Very otherworldly.

Bummer that you can't get in with a good camera. Even if you don't shoot the bands, I bet there'd be some amazing human interest shots in there.

Pea in a Pod said...

I like the glow of the street scene as well! These are perfect for the theme:)

Mine is here. Happy SS!

Dianne said...

such interesting street scenes

the sepia makes it all so warm and inviting

and your eye for detail makes it so lovely to look at

Daryl said...

Sepia is perfect here .. lots of lights that would otherwise be distracting


maryt/theteach said...

Beautiful, golden sepia at night, Mojo! What a lovely idea Raleigh has to celebrate music and community in the summer... Where were you shooting from?

Kimmie said...

These are lovely. They would look stunning framed. :-)