Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Little Warning Woulda Been Nice...

Turns out that sandwiched around my dear friend JC's birthday are two I didn't find out about until way late. My pal Susie-Ji of 55 Flash Fiction fame celebrated hers on Monday (12/1) and didn't breathe a word of it to me. I had to find out from Mona-Ji who's 10 time zones away, so I got the news on India Standard Time. Which means it was tomorrow already... I think. Or was it yesterday. Anyway, it was after the fact... you really need to check her out. She does some neat stuff, some of which you can buy for your very own even. And while you're there, I'm betting she'll give you a tour of the Yurt if you ask nice... "WTF is a 'yurt'?", you ask. Go see Susie she explains it way better than I can.

Then on the back side of this (12/3), also from Califor-ni-ay, is the wisecracking, thought-provoking recovering java junkie Kaylia, who just simply rocks out loud even if she is a Sharks fan. I kid. No, she really is a Sharks fan bein' from that part of CA and all, but I love yankin' her chain over it. She's probably almost kinda maybe mostly over the caffeine withdrawal headaches now. Or at least she isn't being grumpy about it if she's not. So go by and say hello, read some laughs, have a nosh... you know. Birthday stuff. And while you're there you can chide her about making me pay the bakers overtime because I didn't find out about her janmadin until about half an hour ago. (That's Hindi for "birthday" ya'll... try and keep up okay?)

So anyway, I figured since the bakers were getting overtime anyway (they're a union shop after all)I might as well get a two-fer out of 'em. So Happy Birthday you two... hope you have many more where than came from.

Whaddya mean "that'll cost me double time?" Contract says time and a half unless it's a holiday... Listen, with this economy, there's out of work elves I can bring in from Keebler if you don't like it...Stumble This!


Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Thanks Mojo! You rock!!!!

And I feel very birthday-ed now :) Thank you kind elves!

S said...

Thank you thank you!

I just, ya know, 48 and all...isn't much to brag about.
But thank you kind sir, and I do love being called Susie ji!

Mona said...

Yaaay! happy birthday to Susie ji again!

I like the way you have painted her in Indian flag :)