Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shutterday #7 - Theme 96: "Object at Rest"

"Rusty Junk Always Makes Interesting Photographs"
Jacksonville, NC - December 2008 (Click to embiggen)
Next week's theme: "Skeletons Not in the Closet (frames, scaffolding, girders, bones...)"

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The Bumbles said...

Uh-oh. Did I miss this week's theme again? I am all thrown off with the holiday happenings. Cool picture. I love that there are OLD cars that rust in the South. Here in the North they rust BEFORE they get old. I always notice that when visiting family in N.C. Always seemed the kudzo was more of a predator of old cars than rust.

Daryl said...

At rest? More like: rest in peace .. where's the rest ... or the ever popular set and rest a while . the rest is up to you

:-Daryl resting now

Anonymous said...
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