Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thematic Photographic 27: "Shadow" v.4.0 - "Shadowy Corners"

"Bridge Overshadowed"
Raleigh, NC - December 2008 (Click to embiggen)

Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi - Button Image by Smarmoofus Hosted by Written Inc.

Not very far from the last few shots I've shown you of downtown Raleigh is this bridge over the rail tracks on Boylan Ave. This is six blocks west of the "Downtown Backbone" I featured in "That's My World Tuesday" this week. Here, a mere six blocks from one of my favorite sushi restaurants there are -- I'm quite sure -- people fighting for their very survival within shouting distance of where I'm standing to take this shot. Fighting starvation and a bitter late autumn chill, they might be right below me underneath the bridge I'm using for a perch.

Down there in the shadows.

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kenju said...

I worry about them in this unseasonable cold we're having.

Bob-kat said...

Winter is very hard on the homeless :(

I'm here taking part in Carmi's Thematic Photographic. Great shadowy shot :) I have a couple up on my photo blog if you'd like to visit.

Carmi said...

A good soul like you WOULD think of others at a moment like this.

Whenever I'm wandering through urban ruins, I find myself wrestling with similar thoughts. Beautifully said. And shot.