Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Watery Wednesday #7: Kite Boarding

"Kite Boarding"
Atlantic Beach, NC - October 2008 (Click to embiggen)

Watery Wednesday

This is something I hadn't seen before. I've seen these kites towed behind powerboats, even seen them used as an alternative to hang gliders. But I'd never seen them coupled to a surfboard before. I suppose it was only a matter of time though. These two kite boarders (I've learned since I took this shot that "kite boarding" is the sport's given name) worked their way practically from Pine Knoll Shores all the way to Ft. Macon as I watched them. I didn't see these two getting terribly far airborne, but another kite boarder I saw later was putting at least 20 feet of air between his board and the surface. I suppose this would be a handy skill to have if you were to encounter a large carnivorous sea creature.
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Anonymous said...

Doesn't that look like a lot of fun. There are alot of these Kite Boarders in the Bay Area in California where my parents live. They are so fun to watch and especially when they get airborne off of a wave.

2sweetnsaxy said...

I wish I was into this kind of thing. It looks like so much fun! Great shot too.

And thanks for your comment about my Christmas lights photos. I think they should have had some scantily clad Santas too after all of that waiting. LOL! :-D

The Watery Wednesday post is up so you can add your name now.

Judith said...

I got a fish tank and two goldfish for Christmas but it's no where near as big as yours!!! WOW I just need a chair and cuppa and could watch those fish all day.

Deborah said...

Hello Mojo -

I just left Jeanne's (Backyard Neighbor) and read your post about being in Raleigh. Hi Neighbor!

DNLee said...

I've always wantedto kite board.