Monday, February 16, 2009

Violence (Finally) Unsilenced

You might remember a little while back a post I did about an new blog coming soon that addresses the subject of domestic violence. (Not to mention the sticky post that's been lingering here for weeks in this very spot!) Well the time has arrived, and Violence Unsilenced is now open for business.

Serious business.

If you've ever read Maggie Dammit's work over at Okay, Fine, Dammit you already know what an incredible writer she is. (And if you haven't read her, you really should!) But if you've read her recent work, you've also seen a passion burning in her. Burning brightly enough to chase the shadows away from the plague of domestic violence in every dark corner of our society. Burning brightly enough to shine a light on a problem that for far too long was kept locked away behind closed doors and false smiles.

When I first learned of her intent to launch this project, I was struck by the courage of her contributors. Real women, real victims -- no, not victims, survivors -- willing to expose their deepest and most closely held secrets so that maybe, just maybe, another woman wouldn't have to suffer the same fate. But her contributors aren't the only ones with stories to tell. One in every four women in the US falls victim to this kind of abuse. Every nine seconds, there's another instance, another victim.

Be warned, there will be some very visceral material in these stories. Violence Unsilenced is not for the faint of heart. But if you're a victim perhaps knowing that you're not alone will give you what you need to escape. And if you're not a victim, you might know someone who is and not even be aware of it. The stories of these survivors, may be the thing that stirs your awareness and allows you to help a friend who didn't even know she (or he) needed it.

This is an important project, and I'm proud to be associated with it, even if that association is only peripheral. So go forth and read. Learn. Become aware. Because only through awareness can we hope to begin to reverse the pattern.

Violence Unsilenced
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Maggie, Dammit said...

I love you Mojo!


(now go enter the contest!) ;)

me said...

Great Post! I love when menfolk get involved and support this

Mona said...

That is really so great about you! Your support for women! I am in awe!

NV said...

Coming to you via Maggie ... cool blog! Please tell me you have sons. If your posts here and your comments on Maggie's blogs are a true indication, then the world needs more men who had fathers like you.