Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shutterday #29 - Theme 118: "Your Life Would Suck Without Whom?"

"The Tonka Unit"
Raleigh, NC - August 2008 (Click to embiggen)
Next week's theme: "What Do You Do When You Do What You Do?"

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Shadow said...

sweet dreams you beauty you!

Ishtar said...

Oh yes. We cannot have a Mojo without The Tonka.

Sheba says she loves a guy who can wrestle, and wants to know if Tonka has that go in him? She's a very busy girl, not much for snuggles (with the boys) as those are wasted on her human and best friend Kalahari the Filly. But any wrestling buddy (there are few volunteers, I must add) win her heart and become Best Friends Forever!

Bryan said...

I've somehow made it through my twenty something years of life without ever owning a dog. That may be the first thing I change after I get settled in Guinea.

snowelf said...


How long have you had Mr. Tonka Unit?


jadey said...

I love this pic this dog is absolutely gorgeous. You just gotta love those puppy dog eyes.

Nukke said...

(although I'm cat person )

I haven't heard from you for so long time. Have you seen my pics ?

PastorMac's Ann said...

I adore this photo. What a face.

Maggie, Dammit said...

ohmygoodness ohmygoodness.

Anonymous said...

The look that screams out to me "Are you done taking my picture?" *kidding*
He's a handsome boy!!!

While I type this I'm looking at my gal that's sleeping with her 4 paws facing the ceiling *duh!*

Pouty Lips said...

What a great dog!

Carmi said...

It would suck indeed. I can't imagine not having ours in the house. He changes the very nature of our world, as Tonka does to yours.

Virtual pat, sweet dog.