Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday #7

"Did Someone Call For David Hasselhoff?"
Atlantic Beach, NC - July 2008 (Click to embiggen)

Summer Stock Sunday Graciously Hosted by Robin at

Updated: Since so many people have asked "What is that?" I thought a video demo might be in order. You'll see this item at 0:16 of the video. Except in this case, it's just hung on a post in the middle of the beach, not in a lifeguard tower. (Plus, my image is a lot sharper!)
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Vita Stunder said...

Haha.. I love the title of this!!

Maybe Hasselhoff has hasseled off?
No.. I'm kiding. And I'm tired.

Gorgeous shot!!
And beautiful composed.
The lines in this picture are stunning! So are the colours.

Awesome work!!

Hugs, Anna

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Hasselhoff ! I don't know what it is - but looks cool and summery :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Umm....what is this? I do love the reds and the white background. Maybe I'm just a little dense today.

Glennis said...

This is a bumper buoy that boats put between the wharf and the boat, to stop damage if they hit, I think. Intriguing photo. Wheres the boat?
Not sure where Hasselhoff comes into it? I am also a bit dense today.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely composed photograph.

Wishing you a scent-sational Sunday!

Robin said...

Does it come with a cute lifeguard too? (Not Hasselhoff though, ick.)

They don't use those here. Lifeguards on Israeli beaches have these big stand-upon surfboard things called hassakehs that they pole around on.

Dianne said...

now if you had personally reenacted the video, that would have been awesome! ;)

Daryl said...

Didnt need the video ... the Hasselhoff reference did it for moi

Fun shot!

Julia Smith said...

Poised and ready for action.

Joyce said...

I am on the island this past month and the guards can't ever leave their stations without one in their hands. Good shot!

Anonymous said...

Adding the video was too funny! I did know what this was and I like the crop you've doone with it's great!