Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hey Smoofus, You Didn't REALLY Think I Forgot Didja?

Click and hold to play!

She most likely thinks I forgot, but really... you all know better right? Time was, (or Smoofy, or Smoofus to those who love 'er) was quite the prolific little blogger. There were photos and and amusing anecdotes and the occasional Presidential Debate Party. (What fun those were, eh Smoof?) But lately she's more of a Prairie Blogger (the virtual equivalent of a Prairie Dogger... those folks in the cube farm that pop up over the wall any time the smell of poundcake drifts through the office or there's a loud crash followed by heavy silence). She pops up now and then like a NetFlix ad window, but it's always with something worth the trip over. So maybe if ya'll go crash the party over there she'll feel the love in the room and come on in outta the great cyber cold. And she's given ya the perfect excuse by completing another orbit around the sun today, so get yer butt on over and wish the lady Happy Birthday will ya? The 55 Flash Fiction circuit will thank you. Plus? It's just a nice thing to do.

What, you're still here?

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snowelf said...

Love the pic!! And Smarmy Rocks!!

So glad you posted this Mojo! :)


Pouty Lips said...

Happy belated birthday Smarmoofus.