Wednesday, September 09, 2009

How Do Ya Say "Birthday" In Australian?

Do they REALLY say 'Shiela' down there??

She probably thinks I forgot, 'cause by her clock the 10th has already come and gone. But surprise, Eaton baby... up here in the Northern Hemisphere it's still Wednesday. So it isn't even your birthday here yet meaning you get a whole other day to celebrate.

Oh, for those of you who need an introduction, world this is Eaton. Eaton Bennett from Adelaide and points ... north of there I guess ('cause I'm thinkin' you can't get too much further south. Eaton, meet the world. Or at least the bit of the world that reads my simple little blog.

The song? Oh, it's kind of a favorite.

So where is this Garden of Eaton you ask? Well are you in for a treat. There's not just one ('cause no one can Eaton just one... oh c'mon, you had to see that coming!) but three garden spots in Blogaritaville managed by the aforementioned Mme Bennett. For a selection of photos highlighting the joys and beauties of her homeland, you can take in . Or if you're in the mood for prose and poetry (very, very good prose and poetry, I'll add) settle down a while at . Or for an eclectic mix of good Eaton (I'm having far too much fun with this) check out .

Whichever one you pick, you won't be disappointed, I promise. Because the girl brings the goods whether in words or pictures.

Happy Birthday my friend. Now let's get to ea... scarfin' some o' this cake. ;)

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Artist Unplugged said...

How thoughtful of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a romantic you are, I am sure she will adore this Mojo!

Eaton Bennett said...

You Sir, are the Master of internet Birthday celebrations! Thank you dear Mojo, what a wonderful surprise. And, it's still my birthday down under, still the 10th.

I spent the day in downtown Melbourne...taking lots of photos (not Adelaide, I post photos of Adelaide, but I live in Melbourne.) I have photos to blog for months. xxoxx

PS. great song that! :)