Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Hannukah

My humblest apologies for my tardiness in getting this together. I could explain, but it'd only be an excuse which has a maximium effective range of just about zero, so I won't.

Today marks the beginning of a sacred and special season for those of the Jewish faith, and I have many friends both in and out of the Blogosphere who will for the next eight (it is eight, right?) days be observing Hannukah. They could tell you the story far better than I ever could, and I hope you'll visit them and learn how one night's worth of lamp oil for no explicable reason kept the lamp lit for eight days and nights. (That's the way-oversimplified Goyim version of the story.)

And to those of you who are celebrating, the only Hebrew word I know that might be applied here would be Shalom. Which if I'm not mistaken, translates literally as "Peace" (feel free to correct me, I promise not to be offended). I hope that's what it means anyway, because that's my wish for you this -- and all -- seasons. Happy Hannukah, my friends.

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fredamans said...

Happy Hannukah!

Robin said...

Thank you my friend. May your season also be filled with love and light - whether from Hannukah candles or Christmas lights or even neighborhood streetlights.

Daryl said...

Thank you, I wish you every happiness, no matter what holiday you chose to celebrate: celebrate life! L'Chaim

SandyCarlson said...

Life and light. Beautiful together.

Leora said...

You got it beautifully. Shalom does mean hello, goodbye and Peace. And it is the miracle that lasts for 8 days! So we end up eating food fried in oil - doughnuts and potato pancakes! And play dreidel, too, little tops with Hebrew letters on them.

Carmi said...

There are many things I've always admired and respected about you. Way at the top of the list is your ability to reach out and connect. Doesn't matter where anyone is, where they may come from, what they believe - in all cases, you have an uncanny ability to touch folks.

To me, Chanukah has long been about lighting the darkness, fighting the seemingly impossible fight and sticking to your fundamental beliefs. It's a very honest holiday because it closely reflects the kind of person I've always wanted to be, and the kind of people I hope our kids grow up to be. You absolutely hit the nail on the head with this entry, and I'm thankful to you for doing so, and thankful to have you as a friend.

I'd be happy to add to your Hebrew vocabulary anytime you wish. For now, I'll drop a couple of new ones on ya:

Toda, chaveri.

Thank you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Hannukah!! =)

Ulrica said...

Hi, and thanks for your kind words. They really made me happy. Today we celebrate Lucia in Sweden, with light and beautiful songs.

See ya soon again :) Ulrica