Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Single Impression: Junction

This one is a bit longer than I'd usually do. Guess I had a lot to say.
Junction (For Suzanne)
You crossed my path somehow
and his, and hers, and hers too.
And those over there. And those.
By ones and twos and threes, we came to know you.
So many of us, all wondering, all admiring, all adoring.

And we collected in small tribes.
Those paths crossed too.
Where this one knew that one, and that one knew you.
We all knew you.
Or thought we did.
We wanted to, who wouldn't?
We wanted to be illuminated by the bright smile we knew so well,
Loved so well.

And we came to your home
in ones, and twos, and threes
We came to laugh, to share.
We came to love and be loved.
We came to be astounded.
And we were. Every time, we were.

And then, by ones, and twos, and threes
we came and you weren't there.
And the void, the vaccuum left behind was filled
by ones
and twos
and threes.

By pictures with no frames.
By words, by the hundreds, by the thousands.
By songs with no singers.
And more words.
Left by those searching desperately for the right words.

Yes, you left us here.
But first, you brought us together.
Here in this place, where it's possible to cross all boundaries.
This place where you left us has no walls,
no doors,
no time.
You brought us to this junction where we still come.
Even now, today, to leave more words on your altar.
Still seeking the right ones.
Still seeking to fill the chasm with them.

Yes, you left us here.
But you left us here together.
And for that we are better.
For that, we love you still.

Rest well, my friend.

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Robin said...

What a beautiful tribute. I never knew Suzanne. I suspect that I'm far the poorer for it.

Amias said...

You spoke from your heart, and you echoed the feelings of many of us who knew her. This is a beautiful tribute ... and I certainly appreciate you for reminding us that the blog world is filled with loving and caring people.

Shadow said...

i like your writing as much as your pictures...

Loch Rob said...

A beautiful tribute to a friend and loved one. It is amazing how people can influence to bring us together. So thoughtfully written.

gautami tripathy said...

One beautiful tribute. Some people enrich our life so much.

at the junction of mind over body

kenju said...

MOJO, I am impressed at your poetic skills and the depth of your passion!

You should write more.

Cassiopeia Rises said...

What a beautiful way to say goodbye and remember someone you loved


Nancy Bea Miller said...

A beautiful tribute.

SandyCarlson said...

That is a beautiful tribute, to be sure. It made me think of grains of sand blowing across the surface of a beach, blowing into the surf, disappearing, returning, reshaped and different, eternal. So we move together and apart in friendship.

Amity Me said...

a very touching tribute for a wonderful person...i do not know her but i am sure that she's really what you've mentioned here!

Mama Zen said...

Beautiful, Mojo!

Tumblewords: said...

A superb tribute. Well written and full of heart!

Jim said...

Mojo, what a wonderful tribute to a very nice blogging friend! Thank you for writing it, I took leave to visit her blog for a bit just now.
I had read her blog before that Christmas Eve, I am not sure if we exchanged comments. Not often if any.

This reminded me of another popular blogging (lady) friend who is no longer with us. She did not write an encrypted goodbye piece to leave with us.
Haven't visited here since I quite doing the WW. I see you still do. Thank you for your visit to my girl with imagination.