Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Diamonds in the Rockpile - Class of 2009: Ulrica Tänker Högt

For English speaking audiences, "Ulrica Tänker Högt" is Swedish for "Ulrica Thinks Aloud" (at least that's what Google Translations tells me). And she may be thinking aloud, but as soon as the page loads and you're presented with one of her magnificent photos, there's a reverent kind of hush that falls over your mind. Her portraiture, especially the photos of her lovely daughters, is exceptional capturing vitality and life in every frame. But perhaps even more astonishing are her "art shots" in which she transforms ordinary objects that most of us wouldn't bother to see into images so compelling that you just sink into them.

These are not photos to be merely looked at, they are to be experienced. And it's not a great leap to actually smell a flower, feel the bite of the chill in the Stockholm winter or the warmth of summer sun on a meadow. You can practically hear the sigh of the winds, the laughter of children, the muted clink of a crystal goblet dropped on a lush green lawn.

This is a blog that isn't served well by words though. And no matter how carefully I choose them, I can't possibly do justice to the work there. You will simply have to see it for yourself.

Ulrica's blog is mostly written in Swedish, but the photography transcends the spoken -- or written -- word. The images speak for themselves and you only need to know two words of Swedish to appreciate this blog: "Mycket Vackert" (very beautiful).

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Robin said...

How did I miss this blog? All of the others you've selected are truly outstanding, so I imagine I've been missing quite a lot not knowing about Ulrica's blog.

Off to go remedy that now!

Ulrica said...

I'm speechless. So many wonderful words about my photos. I don't know what to say more than Thank You. I'm so glad and warm inside, and if I could I would be right over and give you a big hug. Now I'm sending it to you with my thoughts.

With love, Ulrica

foto CHIP *Birgitta* said...

I also love Ulrica's pictures. They are special indeed!

SandyCarlson said...

You have mined another gem, my friend. Her work with her camera is astounding.

Mama Zen said...

She is really good!

Kerstin said...

She´s a true artist. Her photos are magnificent, and as you say, they don´t need anywords - they speek for themselves.

Marie Höglund said...

I absolutely agree with you Mojo. Ulrica is "one" with her camera. I´m lucky to have the fortune to starting knowing her in real life too not only through her marvellous pictures. She is a great woman an absolutely a great tutor in the art of photography.