Friday, January 29, 2010

Extra! Extra! Manx Faerie Secret Agent Celebrates Birthday!

Click and hold to douse the lights

Who's our mystery guest? Well if you ask her, she doesn't actually exist. And for a while late last year I was beginning to worry that she might have been right! Babooshka, International Woman of Mystery, who's known to haunt the seaside town of Ramsey on the Isle of Man (and The Swan, one of its better known pubs) has crossed the start finish line on her latest lap in the Life on Earth TT (if you don't get it, it's okay. She will.) Always behind the camera, we might catch a faint reflection of her in her many photos on but if you do, it's an accident. Not that it matters, mind you. Her work behind the camera more than makes up for her absence in front of it. Go visit Ramsey and you'll see the striking, craggy Manx coastline, the searing motorbikes of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races (and practices!) The Swan pub and the now-legendary Ramsey Swing Bridge (from -- at last count -- 24 different views... on the way to 100). And all this brought to you with an often satirical, occasionally irreverent, and always flamboyant style that's uniquely Babs. So hop on over there and have a look around. Don't worry, she'll keep the faerie folk from making off with ya.

Happy Birthday Babs, and many more. (And sorry love, but I nicked one of your swing bridge shots for the background in your card. Well it's not like I could exactly ask first, now could I? It was suppose to be a buggerin' surprise fer pity's sake!)

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Shrinky said...

Sheesh, you had me worried there for a minute! Babooshka is an incrediblly talented photographer, and she has also raised some very relevant issues concerning this isle. This card should make her smile.

Ishtar said...


Babooshka said...

This has absolutely made my day. I am truly honoured. Made me lol and I thought I was the creative writer. You nick away anytime you like with the photos, I know they are in good hands. Secret under cover agent Babooshka truly thanks you. It's been a virtual party across the globe today and I haven't finished yet.

Daryl said...

Another Aquarius .. Happy Birthday, Babe!

Titanium said...

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to Babs!

Nicely done, Mojo.

snowelf said...

Oh mojo this is such an adorable birthday post!! One of the best ever! And happy birthday to the shadowed one :)