Monday, March 22, 2010

i am not dreaming

I don’t remember dreams
But if I did
I would remember the one
Where I stand on the beach
Scanning the ocean
Just beyond the breakers
Where the riptides don’t reach
Where the swells are steep
Where you are.

But this is not a dream
This is the reality,
Metaphorical but no less real
That clings to my consciousness

I know you must do this
Must make this journey
I know you’re strong
A much stronger swimmer
Than I will ever be
I also know
The mighty, indifferent force
Of the ocean.
So I search for you
Among the swells and the foam
Amid the ocean’s vastness
You are not afraid I imagine
Not nearly so terrified as I
Who can only watch and wait
For you to return to shore.

I pray for your safety
Pacing the shoreline
And weeping at the need
For you to be so far out at all.

If I remembered dreams
I would remember this one.
This image and poem -- along with many others -- is featured in my book , available from

About this piece: It's hard when someone you care about is struggling. It's harder still when the most helpful thing you can do is watch, listen and wait to be useful. Who hasn't been there?

About the photo: Taken on Front Street in Beaufort, NC in October of 2008, and not really related to the poem other than in its dreamlike (to me) feel.

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Daryl said...

Twinkle twinkle little lights .. what a wonderful shot ..

Daryl said...

And what wonderful words .. I hope the worry is short lived

Enchanted Oak said...

This poem is magnificent. I see it all clearly in my mind's eye. This is an especially vivid and moving stanza:
I pray for your safety
Pacing the shoreline
And weeping at the need
For you to be so far out at all.

I identify with the pacing.

Ishtar said...

What a beautiful poem. It went straight to my heart. The photo is moody and goes along well, but I must admit, the poem stole the show... Didn't know you were as skillful a writer as a photographer, Mojo!

Nessa said...

even though it is at night, the photo feels hot and balmy.

MicroFiction Monday - Sh!

lisaschaos said...

Yes it is, but so glad you're on the shore and not pulled in too!