Friday, September 03, 2010

friday time-sink: wake up kitty

Warning: By pressing "Play", User (that'd be you) assumes all risks thereto appertaining including, but not limited to, damages to monitors and/or keyboards. The management of Why? What Have You Heard? assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from or pursuant to the watching of this video. User (that'd be you) agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Why? What Have You Heard?, its owner, management, subscribers, heirs, assigns, the fruitseller down the corner, the dog, Santa Claus and the President. (Certain limited cause of action may exist with respect to the Easter Bunny and members of the Republican Party, particularly, but not limited to that subset known as the Tea Party.)

Common side effects of this video include the sudden and uncontrolled dispersion of liquids through the nose, mouth or other orifices. Persons with breathing or bladder control issues should not watch this video. After pressing Play, do not drink anything for the next 1:07. This video may be habit forming. Because this? Never gets old.

In other news, have you ever had one of "those" conversations? You know, the kind that usually take place with an automated voicemail system or maybe an electric toothbrush or someone really really dense who honestly should consider a career as an electric toothbrush (or possibly a toaster, though I question the wisdom of letting someone with such limited mental capacity play with that much voltage). Sure you have. We all have. But how many of us could have with such an exchange? I wasn't even there and I almost peed my pants.

And just in case you were wondering (because I know you all were) about the current state of the Double Rainbow Franchise, let me assure you it is alive and well. Some of the more popular offerings this week include:
Dude should've gotten this girl to do the voiceover of the original for him.

Audio track is... so intense!

I was waiting for this one. No, really, I was.


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Fireblossom said...

It's all funny. But omg...that actress. I'm obsessed with her. I've watched the video 543 times now and omg. She has such a mastery of subtle understatement. I feel she is certainly the perfect person to read my restrained, almost "whispering" poetry aloud. I feel she understands my work, and me, in a way that no one else ever has. This is SO intense. Omg. I felt she was speaking directly to me! Mojo, what does it mean? Omg. I'm in love with her. She's like the Goddess Of The Stage. I hope she got the part!

magiceye said...

:) loved the comment by Fireblossom!

Mama Zen said...

Unfortunately, I did not get to see the actress complete her monologue. My daughter, the Dramatic Chipmunk fan, found her annoying and made me turn it off.

John`s Photography said...

Very funny :)

snowelf said...

You totally had to blog that!

Did you see my letter to the bank in which I had to verify my identity to open my health insurance expense account with. I blogged it a few weeks back. The electric company exchange is very similar, although I never heard back from them, I just got my expense account debit card the next day after weeks of waiting. I'm guessing they must have liked it. :)

I totally dug the cat.