Friday, October 29, 2010

friday time sink: enter the brownshirts

Normally in this space I'd be presenting you with something to entertain you. I might even take a shot at my favorite target, the Tea Party. But recent events suggest that such things might be hazardous to one's health. Witness, if you can, what happens when 23-year-old Lauren Valle dared to infiltrate a crowd of Rand Paul supporters outside a Senate debate in Kentucky.Warning: this video contains violent content and may not suitable for all audiences.

According to Tim Profitt, the Rand volunteer seen stepping on Valle's head, the assault "looked worse than it actually was". I hope he's right about that, because it sure looks bad enough. Profitt went on to blame police for not preventing the incident. 'Scuse me Timmy, but was she breaking any laws? Or did she just hurt your iddy biddy feewings? Meanwhile the Paul campaign is backpedaling away from Timmy as fast as possible (nice they've got your back innit Tim?)... more because of the political fallout than any feeling of wrongdoing on the part of its supporters. (Um... that last bit was an opinion. Not to be confused with a statement of fact, okay? For those who have yet to learn the difference. But hey. It's my blog and I'll bitch if I want to.)

But in case you're wondering what this business is all about, here's an introduction.

And with that I bid you ... Happy Friday!

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Daryl said...

I stopped listening to political commercials weeks ago, I mute them when I am watching live programs and I fast forward when watching recorded shows. BUT whats been happening (aside from the mud slinging vs actual rational reasons to vote for one vs the other) has really escalated ... between Joe Miller and this asshat Rand Paul and the inanity of most of the Tea Party pols is ... I hope those who win can get things done ... because if you were whining before and get your candidate elected and he/she cant get it done ..well then you'll need to STFU

snowelf said...

Yes of course they are scootching away from Timmy, cause they wouldn't want to get our hands dirty by playing with the people who think it's a fantastic idea to beat the crap out of others for having an opinion.

Have some self control people, sheesh! Love how it's totally cool to stomp a fellow American's head for excercising the actual freedoms we have in this country.


masterymistery said...

there are few things more gruesome and off-putting than a crown of humans linked in a shared mind aDDICTED to irrationality,.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

Anonymous said...

Hailing from the cornices of Youbetchastan, I've gotta admit this year is the worst yet for politics. As a country, we stand to lose any shred of respect the denizens of other nations may have once held for us, largely due to the upsurge in Teabonics, utter lack of civility and ruinous Fascism bandied about by the would-be leaders of our individual states and nation-at-large.

I don't watch TV, I voted early and in-person, and I'm fed up with the whole mess.

Bottom line? People need to participate in the process. Vote. And not just when it's a touchy-feel-y fun thing to do.

Fireblossom said...

I saw that, and was horrified, and very worried for that woman. It looked bad. And then I was horrified all over again at how that guy totally seemed to think what he had done was just fine. Wtf has happened to people?

Fireblossom said...

...and by the way, where were all these tea partyers and their phony concern about spending when Dubya was spending like a drunken sailor just to satisfy his ego in a needless war? Oh yes, i remember now...they were running around saying that anyone who disagreed with it was "unpatriotic."