Sunday, July 13, 2008

SpaghettiOs and Phone Sex

No, as far as I know there is no relation between SpaghettiOs and phone sex. (Oh, how I wish!) I mean I guess either of them would do in a pinch as a possible substitute for the real thing... but together?
However... a title like that is sure to trigger a veritable avalanche of hits from search results. And I'm just a Google whore.
If this doesn't work, next time I'll throw in the words "webcam" and "leather". Somehow. I will find a way.

I am incredibly sleepy right now, which given that it's 5:45 on Sunday evening is a little unusual. It's not as though I ran around town all weekend partying like it's 1999 again (when I was ... 9 years younger than I am now and could hang). So if you know why I'm having to prop my head up with a 2x4 in order to finish typing this, would you please clue me in? Softly, though, because I'm hoping to get to sleep early. Er.

Possibly related (but who knows?): it seems that everybody I know is either getting sick (or sicker) themselves or has a loved one who is. And I'm not talking about nagging cough and congestion kind of sick. I'm talking about seriously-chronic-maybe-deadly kinds of sick. Holiday Telethon kinds of sick. Should I be feeling this guilty about being (relatively) healthy? I'm sure I shouldn't. After all, I'm not the one who decides who gets sick and who doesn't. But I spent 33 years of my life sucking on tobacco smoke, probably 23 years sucking on fermented beverages of one kind or another. My cholesterol gets checked every decade or so whether it needs it or not, and I see a doctor in every Olympic year. Winter Games for sure -- Summer too if something happens to indicate it. The bottom line here people is that I'm a firm believer in the adage: "Eat right, Exercise, Get Plenty of Rest... Die Anyway".

So why is it that I'm not sick? Why do I not have some dread disease that It Would Serve Me Right To Get? Is it because somebody needs to be healthy enough to lend support to those who are sick? Do I just get lucky? Or is it -- as I have suspected for years -- simply that no self-respecting germ would live in this body? Curiouser and curiouser.
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smarmoofus said...

"...either of them would do in a pinch..." *laughing 'til I snort* Do let us know how the traffic goes with this post.

Don't question your good health... just appreciate it while you have it.

Those fireworks shots are really nice. They don't look so much like fireworks as cosmic phenomena.


Cravey said...

Skip leather, and make it latex, and you'll get all the kinky traffic you can stand...not that I know.

I don't know wny you're so darn tired, but I hope you get some rest and it's just tired and not sick.

I'm with the above commenter (who's name always reads SMURFoofus when I fist look at it) - don't question good health. Remember Steve Irwin.

yay! pretty firecracker pictures!

Mojo said...

@Smoofus: I got the cosmic vibe from a few of them too. I think it's because it was pretty overcast when they were going off so there wasn't a "background" other than just plain black. Wuold've been cool if there'd been a full blanket of stars behind 'em. If the camera didn't stop down too much to pick them up that is.
@Cravey: Latex? Really? Who knew. I'm so behind. Hmm... I got it! "Latex is the New Leather" Whaddya think? I should remember Steve Irwin? You're the one live trapping snakes in the neighbor's yard.

Barb said...

Nice cosmic fireworks. I like the "peacock feather eye" too. Good job -- very steady hand.

Rebicmel said...

Urm your title brought me over lol...Hope your weekend was good, see ya on 55 Friday.


Mojo said...

@Barb: More "fast lens" than "steady hand" but I guess both are important. Thanks for stopping by!
@Missy: I'm not turning up 1n the first couple of Google pages for either of the title components by itself, but put them together and I'm #1 with a bullet! If I could just get on more RSS feeds like yours I'd be in business I guess, because really... who searches for those two things together??

creme brulee aka GH said...

mojo, the third fireworks photo is brilliant; still has the the rocket tail, and is just ready to expand 3 - 4 fold. love it.

stay healthy