Sunday, October 12, 2008

Forty is the New Lime

If you hang around with the 55 Flash Fiction Friday crowd, you probably already know this lady. If you don't, then let me introduce her. This is a milestone birthday for our very own Lime of House of Lime. She's passing over the big four-oh threshold today, and I'm hoping ya'll wll take a second and sign this virtual birthday card here. In her words, "I'm pushing 40 and trying to decide what to be when I grow up. Then again, why grow up?"

Well, she's not "pushing 40" now... it's pushing back!

Happy Birthday girl... and welcome to the back side of 40.

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Mona said...

What a wonderful cake! can i have a slice please?


((((HUGS)))) to everyone on Lime's birthday!

Kaknu said...

I brought my fire extinguisher, where's that cake? :P Happy Birthday Lime!

ciara said...

i'm a bit stuffed from all the useless unhealthy crap i ate today, but i CANNOT resist cake. it is a weakness...i definitely would like a piece :)

happy birthday, lime! xx you're not pushing 40, you're FABULOUSLY 40! :)

Mr. O said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SignGurl said...

Happy Birthday to the most inspiring 40 year old I know! I wanna be like you when I grow up.

Polt said...

Happy birthday, baby! remember, 40 is ONLY a number!

Happy Limey Birthday HUGS....

Jerry White said...

"May every hallway be a runway for you today Lime!"

Happy Birthday!


Donnetta Lee said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Lime. Just wait until you're on the downside of 50! Things definitely get more interesting. Happy Birthday, Donnetta Lee

Devotee said...

Remember, you're only 40 because a fluke of evolutionary fate or the whim of some deity gave human beings 10 fingers. If we had 12 fingers instead, you'd only be 34, and if we had 32 fingers, you'd be 18!

So be glad for your number of fingers and for the fact that you're well out of math classes where you might have to think about such things on a regular basis!

Happy Birthday!

lime said...

aww mojo, thank you so much for such a sweet post. i really appreciate it so much. and to each of you who has taken time to leave birthday wishes here.....just thanks for taking the time. mojo, you and everyone else really know how to make a girl feel special....i'm all verklempt!

barman said...

Your day has come. I think it is time to just dissapear for a few hours and treat Lime to something special. Of course you will have to decide what special is.

You know, you inspire others to bring out the best in them. Well you do for me anyways. Boy, can you imagine what I would be like if you didn't?

Now do something for me if you would. I do not know if you have done this before but you know how you are always counting your blessings. Think bak about how you have influenced other peoples lives. You will never know everyones life you have touched but it is a great way to put some prospective in place.

Anyway I just wanted to wish you a happy Columbus Day birthday, birthday without the whole Columbus Day thingie attached.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

S said...

How was the cake? Chocolate?
You'd better have saved me some.


Happy Birthday Michelle!

lime said...

oh...and you make a good point regarding the difference between 25 and 48....;)