Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Elf Work Stoppage

The Birthday Elves bitched out on me again. Something about OSHA regulations and workplace hazards and yada-yada. I tell ya, I may refuse to renew their contract. I can get scab elves just abotu anywhere these days with the economy in the shape it's in. I mean puh-leeze. But never fear, my trusty pal Tonka's still on the case. He never lets me down, and best of all he works really cheap.

So... who's the lucky Birthday Guest this time you ask? Well today marks the 47th trip around the sun for the inimitable Tiff Spiffy (nee... umm... something else. But I'm sure it was cool.) (And by the way, she outed herself age-wise on her own blog so it's okay for me to tell it here... I'm not letting any cats out of the bag okay? So shaddup.)

What's the birthday girl want for her big day? Followers. That's it. Hey, how often do ya get to make somebody happy with a couple of mouse clicks that don't involve a long string of pseudo-random numbers and a password? I mean seriously. This rocks as far as I'm concerned, 'cause I'm just notoriously cheap thrifty (and trustworthy and loyal, clean and reverent. Okay, trustworthy loyal and clean. Happy now?)

Oh... her blog? Yeah, I suppose that would help. You might have seen in yonder blogroll and corner of Blogaritaville known far and wide as . Presumably the title comes from the failure of the lady to acquire a Southern drawl despite living in the sunny South for a number of years. But we don't hold it against her down heah, 'cos we're just good that way.

The Tiffster (as she's known to some) is one of the first bloggers I ever met both in cyberspace and in the three-dimensional world. In fact it was the Tiffenator (as she's known to some) who, along with her faithful companion (and now husband) Biff Spiffy (whose 40th we celebrated earlier this month you might recall) who conspired with me to launch "Bloggin The Square '08" last August. An event which brought together several (okay, three) local bloggers for an evening of free music, overpriced consumables, and loads of fun (if you missed it, there will be others).

So ya'll stop on by Tifferina's (as she's known to some), say howdy, have some cake before it immolates and if you're in a generous mood, you might even thrown the old gal lady a bone and follow her around. (C'mon, would it kill ya?) And in the meanwhile, you can read of the adventures of the Spiffy's in the Tiny House (or TH as it's known to some) which are occasionally frequently always amusing. And if life in the TH isn't enough, you might find life in the cube farm chortle-worthy.

Okay, you want more. I get it. So here's a humorous little gem found on YouTube that Tiff herself would have brought to you had she found it before I did. So Tiffer, Happy Birthday girl... this one's for you.

Violence UnSilenced

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Robin said...

With friends like you around who needs those lousy elves anyway.

Happy birthday to Tiff, and LOVE the video. Too funny.

kenju said...

A fitting birthday tribute to our friend Tiff!! Funny video, too.

Pouty Lips said...

The vid made me want to get quacked up.

rennratt said...

I already follow her, have lunch with her...and hang out at her house from time to time. I was *even* at her wedding!

She ROCKS, doesn't she?

Happy Birthday, Tiff!

tiff said...

Thanks y'all!


(no, I haven't watched the vid yet) :)