Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenju!

"Boo!" (Click to embiggen)

She probably thinks I forgot, but what she don't know is ... I ... welll, I have a calendar. Because if I had to rely on my memory...

Anyway, so here's the thing. An amazing blogegr and an awesome human being is finishing another lap around the sun today. The lady who puts the power in the flowers, who puts the "grr" in "girl", who puts the "Ju" in "Kenju". Who... Uh. Actually, she is .

And I clearly need more coffee. So while I'm doing that, won't you go wish the lady a happy birthday?

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kenju said...

WOW o WOW!! You did a great job melding those two. Thanks for the kind words Mojo!

Mama Zen said...

Of course, I will!