Sunday, November 08, 2009

Open Letters: Dear Congressman John Carter (R, TX)

Congressman John Carter of Texas' 31st District has me on his mailing list. I don't know why. I don't live in Texas, and to be brutally honest I can't think of a single issue that he's dropped in my in box that I agree with him on. That by itself is hardly unique. After all there are at least two legislators from North Carolina (where I do live) that can claim the same distinction. Normally I don't read Carter's blather because it only nauseates me to hear a guy lip sync to Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. But for some reason I read all of his diatribe against H.R. 3962 (Affordable Health Care for America Act). Apparently Congressman Carter called upon his constituents to call every member of congress and try to convince them to vote down the bill. Typical, and predictable. But I think it was his closing statement that caught my attention the most. And I quote:
"This debate isn't about healthcare," says Carter. "It is about seizing political power and control for the few at the expense of the many. Win or lose on this vote, Americans can now see why we have got to throw this Congress out in 2010."
Actually Congressman, this debate is about seizing political power from the few who have held the throats of the many under their boots for far too long. As for "throwing out this congress", that process began in 2006, continued in 2008 and if God is merciful, will continue in 2010. You and your power hungry "old boy network" are done. The American electorate has spoken in two consecutive elections. You have not listened. And as a consequence you will, God willing, find yourself out of a job by this time next year.

We have seen case after case of abuses of power by monolithic insurance giants. Cases of denials of coverage for some of the most preposterous of reasons. When a rape victim is denied coverage because she followed her doctor's orders and took a course of antiviral drugs as a preventive measure against possible HIV infection1 (which, it's worth noting, she did not have), this is an egregious breach of good faith. I challenge you Congressman, I challenge you or any member of Congress to defend this unconscionable action. I challenge you and your cronies on Capitol Hill to defend an insurance company that refuses to cover the cost of treatment for injuries sustained by a victim of domestic violence by having the gall to deem it a "pre-existing condition".2 Go ahead Congressman, I'm waiting.


Perhaps you'd like an easier question. I'll work on that for you.

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Robin said...

If I actually try to comment I'm fairly certain I will start to rant so strongly that my head will start to spin around on my neck and steam will start coming out of my ears, so can I just say that I agree with every single word you wrote? (Well, except for the living in North Carolina bit. I'll have to differ there.)

Mama Zen said...

A pre-existing condition? That's outrageous!

Clearly, stupidity is a pre-existing condition.

Klaatu said...

My blog has a rant today that touches on this very subject. As someone from a country that has universal health care( As does every other First World nation), we are perplexed as to the hubaloo you Americans semm to have about it.

snowelf said...

oh. my. god.

I watched Sicko over the weekend and while I feel that all documentaries are skewed versions of the truth meant to persuade, Michael Moore or not, there is still a lot of truth to the matter of the pathetic and outrageous costs of health care in this country. Universal health care is definitely something I am in favor of. There are lots of negatives involved, sure, but there are way, way more positives. My cousin and I were talking about this and we think of it like the post office. The post office is run by the government, but there are still private shipping companies that we can choose from. I think once everything evens out, universal health care would be very similar to that. It would also force the private insurance companies to become more competitive to make money instead of holding us at their mercy. Wouldn't that be a change...


p.s. sorry to hijack your blog!

Daryl said...

I heard a brief quote from this asshat and got so angry I had to turn off the TV or risk destroying it by throwing the remote at him ..