Friday, September 17, 2010

friday time-sink: a weak WEAK glove hand

It's just about my favorite time of year! Training camp for the NHL has arrived (at least it has here) and soon begins the exhibition season leading up to the 2010-2011 season which will feature an All-Star Game played right here in my hometown. So in honor of that, I give you my favorite of an old series of commercials for Nike -- specifically their hockey skates -- featuring (alleged) former goalies put out of work by various snipers all of whom (wait for it) used said Nike skates. The first of these endorsers was the then-Detroit Red Wing ace Sergei Fedorov (featured here - but only by reference). Other goalie crushers in the campaign included former Maple Loaf captain Mats Sundin and the just-retired Hurricanes captain Rod Brind'Amour (though this was during his tenure with the Flyers). Whether you're a fan or not, you gotta love the humor. Oh, and according to the description, one of the kids at the counter is "Finch" from the film American Pie. Enjoy!
From the "Things That Make You Go WTF" Desk, there's an old saying that goes "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." I'd have to expand that to say "When someone calls you an idiot, don't quote them on the back cover of your book in bright yellow 18-point type". But then, I suppose when you depend on controversy and martyrdom to keep your 15 minutes going beyond the time limit you really have no pride left.
And if you were wondering who the genius responsible for the Double Rainbow Franchise was and how this beer truck got started down the hill... here he is Live with Jimmy Kimmel

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Fireblossom said...

That's funny, with the goalie. Poor guy LOL. Employee of the month!

Maybe Sergei should shoot at Glenn Beck for a while. What a loon. And proud of it, evidently.

I love Friday Time Sink!

Robin said...

ROFLMAO. Sometimes, once in a great while, I miss American commercials...

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Mama Zen said...

I have a pretty good idea what Double Rainbow Man is farming!

Dave said...

this is how i did the smoke shot.
in addition to a camera, i also used:
-off camera flash
-incense stick
-black background
-2 pcs of black card

my camera settings:

-exposure mode-manual
-shutter speed-1/200
-focal length- 48mm

you can see my hardware setup here and the speedlight setup here

note: i think the key here is the 2 pcs of black cardboard that must be
attached to both sides of the speedlight to prevent light from falling on the background, btw the image must be taken in a dark room or at night with no or with minimal light.

>PP: it you just want to change the colour of the smoke, just adjust the hue level.

for the rainbow coloured smoke, on another layer I used the gradient tool with rainbow colour, soft light blending mode, flatten, and inverting the tone image to get the white background.

masterymistery said...

yes, these puny humans have their moments --- amusing if not depressing.

When someone calls me an idiot, I respond, "thanks but I don't need an idiot right now. Call me a cab rather"

By the way, "Why? What have you heard" is on the blogroll at cosmic rapture.

Hope you might consider including a link to Cosmic in your "cool blogs" list.

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