Monday, September 20, 2010

indie ink does it again!

Speaking of My World Tuesday, back around the first of the year -- the first MWT of 2010 in fact -- I posted
this gem taken at Topsail Island (Surf City, specifically) on New Year's Eve. Recently I came across it in the archives and liked it well enough to send it to . They must have liked it pretty well because today -- just a few days later -- they published it .
The editors at II are always looking for new material from emerging writers, artists and the like. So if you have something you'd like to reach a wider audience, submit it to them. Or if you just enjoy fresh, new writing and art, by all means get over there and enjoy!
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this shot. Thanks for submitting it to II- it totally makes my day to see your work over there!

Daryl said...

GO Mojo!!!

magiceye said...

superbly composed!