Friday, October 01, 2010

Dona Eis Requiem*

Some of you know my good friend Ti, author of . If you do, then you might also know that she's currently jetting all the way across the continent to be with her husband Jeff as his father is laid to rest. At times like this, I never know the right words. Because it's different every time, for everyone. So I'm abundantly glad that a couple of years ago, another dear, dear friend passed these words along to me. I've been saving them for a time that seemed right. That time is now.
"The only way around these things is through them. So if you bury your dead, bring a shovel, if you burn them warm to the fire. Look into whatever riddance you consign them to. Lend a hand, stand and weep or watch and wonder. But stay until it's done. Keep the names of your dead alive among your people. You get one father, one mother, one true love, one life and maybe a couple of good dogs. There is no easy way to do this. So do it right: weep, laugh, watch , pray, love, live, give thanks and praise; comfort, mend, honor and remember."
For Ti, Jeff, Des and their family. And for Ken. Semper Fi, Marine.

* With apologies to Latin scholars everywhere

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Fireblossom said...

These are indeed words to be remembered.

Bosco likes the part about good dogs.

Prayer Girl said...

This is sad, but beautiful. Even though there is much sadness in life I am a very lucky woman. I have had a father and mother I dearly loved and I have been blessed with one true love. That doesn't always happen.

My 55 is up.


Mama Zen said...

Beautiful, Mojo.

Daryl said...

Good words

Carmi said...

Coincidentally, I found myself reading the these very words that you shared with me last year when my father passed away. It made me feel a little better then, a little better last night, and I hope they have a similar impact on Titanium when she reads them, too.

I know there are "no words" when we suffer loss of this magnitude. But just knowing there are good souls like you to share them is enough to convince me that maybe there are words, after all.

Dave said...

very beautiful words Mojo.

hope said...

Stay until it is inspiring somehow, as well as comforting.

KB said...

Such sad news. Touching post, Mojo.

Anonymous said...

With all my heart, thank you. These words give voice to things I cannot find words for right now. Just having the support and friendship makes this load easier to carry.