Friday, October 15, 2010

friday time sink: black vs. blue, beck vs. duck, tech sector wtf, and the answer to everything

Heh. Who can resist Jack Black anyway? I know I can't. Especially not when he's taking on the Teas. I just can't help myself... .

Wait... What? This? Is Brilliant.
and Rebellious Pixels, calling a spade a spade. Oh, and Glenn? That Second Amendment thing? You might have something there... heh.

And I thought I could time sink a Friday... this guy is my Yoda. Just his alone is worth its weight in pixels. Want to be up on the latest in social networking? Want to know what it feels like to go viral? Want to know the latest Strat-egies of successful leveraging? is your man. Just ask him.

The answer to everything

Last Sunday the world went a little nuts over The Perfect 10 business. You know, "10/10/10"? Seems like everybody in the world thought this was an auspicious date for one thing or another. Even in the Far East where ceremonial stuff doesn't usually play by the Gregorian Calendar. There was apparently a run on the wedding market (which might help explain why the latest trend in spam seems to be wedding/engagement rings, wedding gowns, and other such paraphernalia). Some church in Korea had a mass wedding that saw thousands of couples jump take the... er... tie the noose knot. More popular among the geekier of us was the fact that it was another "binary day" with 101010 adding up to 42 in the decimal number system. Turns out that was the most auspicious event of all. At least according to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

And with that I bid you ... Happy Friday!

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