Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nicole B's Scavenger Hunt

Quick Update: Owing to a brain slip, I was woefully late in getting the post up for Ingrid's Birthday Party and now it has to compete with PostZilla here which is hardly fair, so I thought I'd slip in a note here hoping it would level the field a bit. Do stop over once you've had a look at the pretty pictures won't you?

Twenty-five shots of ... random stuff assigned by (wait for it) Nicole B. The subjects are definitely slanted towards a "local" theme, like a Super Sized That's My World Tuesday. The hunt started on February 25 and ran through March 15. And voting for your favorites begins at midnight GMT 3/16. (For us on the East Coast of the US, that's about 7:00 PM EDT on 3/15. I think. Damn daylight time has my internal clock hosed again.)

Check out the other players and vote at Nicole B Photography. (Just look for the poll in the sidebar. I'd bribe you to take a moment and vote for me, but I'm a state employee... which means I can't afford to bribe anybody.)

Click to embiggen any of the thumbnails. All images open in a new window or tab.

1. Local Currency
If you're really interested in local currency, you're about 150 years too late for the real thing.

2. Local Flag
The dates on the state flag are April 12, 1776, the date of the Halifax Resolves and May 20, 1775 the date of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.

3. Local Food
I had almost forgotten (and you may not know) that those Krispy Kreme Doughnuts so universally loved all over the country originated in Winston Salem, where the company still maintains its headquarters.

4. Something Rusty
You don't have to have snow and road salt to rust out a car. The beach will do the job just fine.

5. Local Wildlife
I can't figure out if this guy was looking for something or just showing off.

6. Local Nature
Well... they do call Raleigh the City of Oaks after all.

7. Local Stamp
The stamps aren't any more local than the currency here.

8. Part Of Your Neighborhood
Good thing it can be a small part, because it's a pretty small neighborhood. The street I live on is only a block long, and you're looking at most of it.

9. Traditional House
There's nothing "traditional" about the houses around here... we have them all from McMansions to McTrailers.

10. A Local Person
What's weird is that this guy saw my camera and called out, "Hey! Take my picture!" What's even weirder is that I did.

11. Local Weather
It's not typical, but it is local.

12. Local Transportation
Sure, I could've shown you a city bus, but ... how boring.

13. Traditional Local Clothing
The clothing here isn't any more "traditional" than the houses. But here's a good cross section. (Note: There are some examples and elements of the tribal dress of NC's 8 recognized American Indian tribes in this shot. That's about as close to "traditional" as I could come.)

14. Night Sky
One of a series of experiments in color temperature settings.

15. Sunrise
Not strictly "local", but it sure is pretty.

16. Local Product (Non Food)
One of these days I'm gonna meet the proprietor of this shop. This is the violin maker's shop I featured in a Thursday Challenge recently.

17. Something Furry
What might amuse you is that this is a friend's dog, a German Shepherd named "Mojo". I had the name first, but I don't mind sharing. He's a great dog.

18. Something Feathery
I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but I do know it's not a crow. This guy was far too musical.

19. A Sign Of The Season
How about two seasons?

20. A Part Of You
If only it really were this easy.

21. Your Main Hobby
No surprises here. This is my newest lens, Canon's EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 IS wide angle zoom. It's butter.

22. A Local Shop
A Local Chocolatier

23. A Local Restaurant

Haru Sushi

24. A Street Sign
Yeah, I was confused too. And I live here.

25. A Local Mail Box
I guess there are interesting mailboxes in some parts of the world, but for the most part, one looks pretty much like another to me.

Violence Unsilenced
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MuseSwings said...

I stopped by from The Grass is Greener - Andrea Martin played one of many hilarious characters - Mojo - on Second City TV so I had to check out your site. I may try this scavenger hunt! I'll have to find some local counterfiters to get a pic of local currency - but I'm up for the challenge. Enjoyed the visit!

Susan English Mason said...

Great job and what an interesting place to live. I'm not sure I can figure out the logic behind "local" currency or stamp but you pulled it off! I'll vote on Monday when the voting opens.

Unknown said...

Well like on everything one does for the first time, I changed my mind a bit midgear.

The voting is already open - come on over folks ;)

Too get those time zones under one umbrella isn't easy, but hey, voting is up until end of the month, so good and even chance for all.

You got a wonderful collection here.
Well, I didn't expect less now, did I ;)

Love the two seasons in one :)

Gorgeous sunrise and night sky!!!

Unknown said...


The hunt in theory is over, but you can still use the theme.
And maybe leave a comment on it, so I can contact you for the next one end of April, if you care :)

SandyCarlson said...

That's quite a 25. If only getting a hold on a Krispy Kreme were as easy as pressing a button right now...

Your sky shots make me wonder what shines beyond the gray moss of a sky I just awoke to. Another mystery.

mythopolis said...

Pretty cool...guess you had your Mojo workin'! : ) I think my fave is that night sky through the trees...Thanks!

Scriber's Web said...

Very very cool. My favorite is the hobby photo! I am so drooling!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

I loved all these. And formatted on Blogger so well. City of Oaks? You must have a fantastic colorful fall.

Sending you an early Happy St Patricks Day greeting.

Sainte, Linda

Chris said...

Being in Knoxville, I am with you on trying to find "local" things such as clothing. Everyone here looks like they shop at Target, Old Navy, and the Gap. Nice job on the photo hunt!

Pamela said...

It looks like a Blackbird. (Brewers Blackbird, probably)

I think your local person is my favorite shot (because of the story behind it)

But, the rickshaw is a close second.

Shadow said...

i think i love your town... and your night sky piccie is the best!

Ballerina Girl said...

Nice shots...beautiful sunrise!
and LOVE Krispy Kreme donuts...they closed all the stores in our area :( The last time I had one was in Dubai...
strange isn't it?!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Feast for the eyes. Got caught up in the esperiments in colour temp blue image. Very haunting.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the Photo Hunt!

Terri said...

Love the local transportation! Does he get much business? Great shots of local flavor. This is like taking a global tour!

Anonymous said...

I love that you had comments with all of yours. Also, the header with your dog's eyes is beautiful.

BLOGitse said...

Great shots!
This is excellent way to 'learn' about other bloggers & way creative!

Greetings from Cairo, Egypt!

Unknown said...

I love them all but #6 takes my breath away! I had no idea Krispy Kremes started there. I was living in Corpus when they got one and I wanted the t-shirts "Korpus Krispy" :)

The night sky and sunrise are so striking as well! I just loved them all!

Daryl said...

Nice job .. yes, next time, a head's up .. I would love to play

Byz. said...

Love the Squirrel, I think he was showing off! The night sky is magnificent and the pics of your street and I assume out of one of your window are all great shots. You did good with your scavenger hunt. Very tempting to join in sometime. :)

snowelf said...

Okay, Finally I am checking this out. I totally want to do this, just to do it. How fun!
The "Hey! Take my picture!" dude made me laugh.

Great Job Mojo the Person. (not to be confused with Mojo the Dog)

The Southern Mint Julep said...

You have my vote Mojo. Just went and voted. I want to live in your beautiful neighborhood. That snow and ice scene is gorgeous.

I also like your namesake too - Mojo. He is a pretty boy indeed.

And that Night Sky picture is also amazing. Good job on all.

Sparky said...

This was awesome, Mojo-the-person.
I just told someone I really only liked NYC in pictures, this makes me realize I definitely don't feel that way about Raleigh. I lurve it here.

Mojo the dog appreciates being included, that picture is hanging on my living room wall. :)

Nice job!

Lil Bit said...

Ohhh, what an excellent series! (and great idea, too)

a state employee, eh?

Yummmmmmy! - I'm now craving a hot-right-outta-the-oven Krispy Kreme!

Raleigh has rickshaws?? - wow, didn't know that!

Cool example of traditional clothing .... v. nice to see the Native triber represented.

That Night Sky pic is possibly my all-time fave of yours!!!

Cool dbl-season capture.

You have an EASY button? LOL!!

Mmmmm, chocolate!

Guess I'm too late to vote, but I really enjoyed this post! =)