Friday, August 29, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday #9: Chapter 3 - Aur Nahin

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She turned her back to Vinay and marched stiffly toward the village center. The sour taste of fear crept into her throat, and once around the bend her stomach heaved. Hot, bitter tears cut a swath through the brittle crust of dried blood at the corner of her mouth. But her fear was no more.

Aur Nahin: "No More"

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Chapter 2: Aag Lagi

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Cravey said...

me likey.


Anonymous said...

what happened to the hamsiya she had? :P

*can't wait for next weeks edition*

smarmoofus said...

Take charge, woman! (Do you know how weird it is to write that, know that you are not a woman?)

I'm up!

ciara said...

very cool, always have interesting 55s :) i'm not up yet...maybe at midnight or sometime tomorrow for sure! LOL

Mojo said...

@Kaknu: Oh she still has it. And I think I'm gonna let her keep it for the duration. I think that's gonna be her "silver candlesticks". Or the rusty steel equivalent thereof anyway.

@Smoofus: No, actually I don't know... 'Cause it doesn't seem at all weird to me to be writing her story. (And I'd make a damn funny lookin' woman... I'm way to too furry.) I'm dying to see where your serial goes since you've come to the dark side now.

@Ciara: You're so sweet to me. I went looking for yours but it wasn't up yet. But I'll be around, never you worry.

Tune in next week. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel. (This is actually turning out to be more fun than I imagined.)

G-Man said...

You don't have to be a woman to be sensitive.
Great job!
Thanks for playing, and have a Great Week-End!!!

(Garage & Grill?...hehehe)..Thanks

Mojo said...

@G-Man: Shh! (looking around) I'll lose my membership in the Loyal Order of Testosterone-Based Life Forms - Local 507 if you let that get out.

Akelamalu said...

She's gonna get him good isn't she? :)

Great 55.

S said...

Hee hee you're still up to no good, I see!

Slips her new "Indian girlfriend" the poison powder when husband is not looking.......


tiff said...

Man, where's she GOIN?!?!??

Queenie said...

Its getting better and better, go get him gal!!!!!

Mona said...

Is the limb chopped off or not? whose blood is on her lip? hers or his? I hope his...

Mojo said...

Wow... you people are bloodthirsty!

I guess I'm gonna have to whack Vinay...

Sorry Vin, it's nothing personal... but the people have spoken.

Mona said...

Yaaay! mojo is going to make her chop him to pieces! :D