Friday, September 12, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday #11: Chapter 5 - Inteqam (you asked for it, you got it)

Some stories are the same in any language.
As she bid her friend goodbye Vinay magically appeared before her, teeth yellowed, eyes glazed by the bhang he favored. A backhand slap tumbled her, but as he reached to drag her to her feet the hamsiya sang, splitting the air, then flesh. The creature once called Vinay crumbled in a claret lagoon of mortality.

inteqam: vengeance, revenge
bhang: an opiate (A question came up regarding the actual composition of "bhang" in the comments, so I referred the matter to my expert editor and dear friend Monaji who explained it like this:)
"You could call it opiate. There are some poppy seeds ground along with the other ingredients including cannabis & it does produce a drugging effect. It could be like any other drug. It gives a high I heard. Never had it though :D
They usually consume it during the Holi festival along with thandai (a local drink made from grinding poppy seeds, cardamom, almonds & other stuff, mixed with milk."
Thanks Mona!

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Missy said...

You know I really likey your story. It's getting so interesting grasshopper. :)

Not the same Rowland's btw.

Have a great weekend kiddo

Anonymous said...

The word Bhang looked like something I had seen on the menu at a Indian restaurant here so I looked it up. It was actually Baingan Barta (an eggplant dish) that I was thinking of, but on wiki it says Bhang is the leaf and flower of a female Cannabis sativa plant.

Great 55 - I'm glad the hamsiya made it's way back into the scene ;-)

G-Man said...

I'm glad you include footnotes!!
Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a GREAT Week-End!

DJ Kirkby said...

Black Boxes brought me here. Interesting flash...

ciara said...

wow, what an 55! i think this is our week of 'dark'. mine is up as well.

Anonymous said...

Yo.. just droppin by.. Lovely blog. Love Tiff

smarmoofus said...

Superb imagery, Mojo. Very well done. And now I'm up too late for tomorrow's early start, so I'm off...


SignGurl said...

Oh, I so like your heroine! She's my kind of woman. Nicely done, Mojo!

Anonymous said...

hey Mojo, trust you got the spirit and that the feelings eirie? we have a resuarant around the corner, its a blues bar, called Mojo.. We have great times there! have a lovely weekend.. love Tiff

Mona said...

claret lagoon of mortality!

What an image!

You have a wonderful & powerful style of expression!

Mojo said...

kaknu: The hamsiya was always going to remain a "character" -- sort of like the silver candlesticks in "Les Mis". The word "bhang" may not have an exact English equivalent (many Hindi words don't), but is usually translated as "opiate" (in subtitles anyway). Based on what I've read, it's actually a preparation of cannabis that may or may not include opium as well as various spices (like most things Indian, recipes vary widely). I think the "opiate" translation is probably based more on its effect than its ingredients.

Akelamalu said...

Ooooer, that's dark!

Mine's up.

tiff said...

Sweeet - she offed him!

tiff said...

Hey - no fair. Some naked woman is using my screen name, and it's not me.

OK, I'm naked under my clothes, but she's obviously BETTER at being naked. Darn her.

Mojo said...

Tiff, baby... you know nobody could ever replace you.

(She is hawt though, na? I should off abusers more often!)

Kimmie said...

Hey Mojo, I think I better start the story from the beginning. I am totally lost.

Have a great day! ;-)

Shrinky said...

Oh, you have such a versitile and vivid imagination.. I love how you paint pictures in my mind. I am delighted to have stumbled across you, my friend. (Grin)

snowelf said...

Hello dear ((((mojo)))) :)

I love the way your brain works to meld these flavorful words together.

happy friday!

Mojo said...

Snow: How'd you like the way it worked on your dream interpretation though? (I really want to know!)

KB said...

Wow, love the last line. When are you going to read your story to us?

Catch ya later.

S said...

Raises hand and volunteers info about bhang. Must be tried at least once, and only when in good company.


I'm so glad that woman didnt let Vinay push her around!

Charlene said...

hey big guy~~~

i will answer your email as soon as i can

little crazy here

and it's 5 in the morning and i have yet to be able to lay down and
try to sleep

i am going to camp out here a while

Mama Zen said...

"Claret lagoon of mortality."

That is just awesome imagery, Mojo!