Friday, October 17, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday #16: Chapter 9 - Do Sal Paheli

Some stories are the same in any language
She could barely remember the time before her father's death. Before the Zamindar's household became her livelihood. Before Vinay. It was flattering at first, the Zamindar's own son smitten with her. She had dared, in her weaker moments, to think that she and Vinay would walk the saath phere. She shuddered at the thought now.

do sal paheli: two years before
zamindar: An agent of the British colonial government. Zamindars were awarded land grants by the British Crown in return for oversight of their region. In general they were feared, and not well liked by those they governed.
saath phere: Literally "seven turns". In a Hindu wedding ceremony, the couple walks seven times around a sacred fire. This solemnifies and legalizes the union.
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G-Man said...

You have more footnotes than a Shakespearian play.
But a quality piece of work just the same. Thanks for participating, and have a Great Week-End!!

Mona said...

Well well well! How like the Zamindars to be both amorous and cruel!

Great 55ve mojo!

ciara said...

ha ha @ g saying you have more footnotes than a shakespearian play.

great 55, mojo...personally, i NEED those footnotes lol :) i'm finally up.

Liquid said...

And I feel her pain..........

Make it a wonderous weekend!

barman said...

Very nice 55 and thanks for the footnotes. By the way, if you could have shrunk the footnotes by 11 or 12 words you could have turned the footnotes into a 55 all on their own.

Lu' said...

very cool :)

SignGurl said...

Oh, I like the flashback aspect of this. Very nice!