Friday, December 19, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday #25: Chapter 18 - Nafrat

Some stories are the same in any language.
Had her father still been living Vinay never would have treated her so. He likely would never have looked at her. The Zamindar had respect for her father. Why was it so different now that her Baba was no more? She did not understand these men. But she had learned well how to hate them.

nafrat: hate

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Mona said...

How true that is of India. They would respect a woman only in the shadow of some man!!

Yea..they all learn well how to hate them...

Rastaman said...

A heavy topic you've chosen, Mojo.

ciara said...

i wish that were not true. :-/ another fine installment, mojo. i didn't have a 55 again. i'm too tired, stressed, etc. this week. prob the cause of my brain cramps lol i did offer up another poem i wrote a long time ago. i'm also up on for thematic photographic

g-man said...

Some people have a knack for making you hate them, as opposed to letting you love them...
Thanks for the Heads Up Mojo. I really appreciate your wonderful Weekly contributions.
Have a Great Holiday....G