Friday, March 27, 2009

55 Flash Fiction Friday #38: Chapter 30 - Amritsar

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Some stories are the same in any language.
"Amritsar" she said with a conviction she did not feel. In truth her only destination was as far from the hell she had come from as possible. And Amritsar was the only name she knew. As she said it, realization dawned that she knew nothing of the world outside the village that had borne her.

Amritsar: a major city in Punjab

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Violence Unsilenced
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SandyCarlson said...

I am wondering how many times I have gone to places simply to be elsewhere and found myself off guard completely because of my own naivete. Too many.

I need to get back to your other chapters.

g-man said...

Intriguing...But is she walkin or ridin?
Congratulations in Spraying the G-Man first today Mojo.
And thank you for your fine contribution in today's 55's.
Take care and have a Great Week-End... Galen

Shadow said...

mmm, leap before you look? but sometimes we have to...

Mona said...

Leap in the dark is intriguing!

I see G Man has already made you an adjective ( mojosque) . Shows how popular & successful you are becoming!

Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent 55.

And above this, I liked your photo hunt 'hands' too.

My fiction for Friday is posted too, you'll need to skim down below my Friday's Show n Tell bunny to find it.

Happy weekend.

Eaton Bennett said...

A daunting prospect, leaving for parts unknown. Even more daunting, staying were everything was dark and dirty. Better the unknown in this instance. Good stuff, Mojo! :)

My 55

ciara said...

sometimes it's good to venture into the unknown to get away from some of the things that are familiar to us. great installment, mojo :)

Lulda Casadaga said...

I couldn't imagine being somewhere and not knowing of it...I could never have survived long ago! I need a map and a destination...:)

Mary said...

What a couragous thing, to make that leap. So many are paralyzed by fear and rationalize "better the devil you know."

It is terrifying to think that you may end up in a worse situation, but it is the only chance to escape from an eternity in Hell.

This story is so compelling!

Akelamalu said...

I can understand how the name of a place would have stuck in her memory. I hope it lives up to here expectations. Great instalment Mojo.

Mama Zen said...

Very cool!

Donnetta Lee said...

Sort of like--you can't take the country out of the girl. D