Friday, June 19, 2009

55 Flash Fiction Friday #50: Chapter 42 - Chalo!

Some stories are the same in any language.
In his surprise Arjun didn't realize that he'd lifted his foot from the throttle slowing the lorry. One enraged gang member charged leaping at the passenger side running board. A fraction of a second later, he fell to the ground, the rifle butt having turned his nose into a sodden, pulpy mass. "Drive!", Anaamika demanded.

chalo!: move! (or, in this case, drive!)

M6Friday: 55FlashFiction

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Anonymous said...

Very good, is it be continued?

Shadow said...

survival instinct!

Dr.John said...

Every week you pack so very much into 55 words. You are a word magician.

Cat said...

Whoa - that is a ton of stuff in 55!

clean and crazy said...

i love this 55, it is like an action movie, what's next!!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

What a story start!

Here's my Flash-55:


Melli said...

Niiiiiiice! You paint a great picture with just 55 words!

My first attempt is up!

Susan at Stony River said...

Poor Arjun! I'd be afraid to drive, with such a fierce passenger! LOL Seriously, I hope that's the last of the bandits and they have a clear road ahead? (I'm afraid to look...)

You're making my Fridays exciting you know.

Fandango said...

Wow! Turned his nose into a bloody pulp. She is one strong lady and forceful.
We dragons like your story.

jadey said...

I love it a total adrenaline rush in 55 words great job. My 55 is up. Have a wonderful weekend.

g-man said...

She's now the take charge type?

I had a few spare moments this afternoon, and my motel has access, and you are always first, so you deserve a G-man visit!!

I see the minions are visiting as directed...hehehehe

Have a Great Week-End Mojo.....G

Mona said...

that girl is ballsy! Lol!