Thursday, June 25, 2009

55 Flash Fiction Friday #51: Chapter 43 - Khoj

Some stories are the same in any language.
Clear of the murderous gang, Arjun stopped the lorry and set about repairing the shredded tire. Straining against the torque of the lugnuts, he regarded her standing watchful, the sepoy's rifle locked and loaded.
"Where did you learn to shoot like that?"
"I've learned what I've needed", she answered cryptically, "From whoever could teach it."

khoj: discovery

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G-Man said...

The College of the Street?

Excellent 55 Mojo, I hope you visited KB... :-)

Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Great Week-End!

Shadow said...

"i've learned what i've needed" excellent!

Fandango said...

We dragons stay clear of women with rifles.
Good 55

Ours is posted

Mona said...

she is not only gutsy, but wise too!

Melli said...

Me too. Mostly from the school of hard knocks! She's a spunky one alright!!!

Dr.John said...

I love reading this every week. Your character certainly has backbone.
Great 55

Akelamalu said...

You wouldn't want to mess with a woman with a rifle! Great instalment.

Mine's up too.

Angie aka Willow Breeze aka Jadey said...

Excellent post. Its good she knows what she needs to and is confident enough to let him know that. My 55 is up have a wonderful weekend.

ciara said...

i'm always amazed by your 55s. this one is no exception. sorry i haven't been around more often. i sorta had a blogging break lol